Apex Legends is Better then the Pubg

Apex Legends is way more better then PUBG. Because Apex Legends is straight first person shooting with a lot of abilities and fast paced game like Overwatch. PUBG mainly focuses on the shooting and the knowledge of the map as game tries to get closer to reality. Apex Legends is way more fast paced and with introducing new character every season apex has done hell of a work. With this kind of updates Apex is going on top in battle royale games.

Is PUBG Going to Die:

So the answer to this question is ‘yes’ and why. Because in PUBG there are way more hackers then ever and which is making user frustrated. Most of the people has stopped playing pubg because of the hackers because they know where you are. Hackers are using aimlock, ESP which ruins the fun for the game. But the PUBG corporation is doing nothing at all.

Eight Characteristic Apex Legends have better then PUBG:

  • Communication Without Microphone and Chat
  • You Can Re-spawn
  • Finishers
  • Unobtrusive in game-store
  • No Random Stats
  • A setting, At last
  • Low Entry Level
  • Team-Work

Communication Without Microphone And Chat:

Apex Legends has some great commands in-game through which you can communicate with the team without talking or chatting. You can ping the location of the enemies and weapons by just one click of your mouse.

You Can Re-spawn:

This Feature make it very interesting if you are completely dead then you your friends can pick up your card. And they can re-spawn you anywhere.


Apex Legends Added some great finishing Technic’s by which you can finish your enemy in style and be victorious.

Unobtrusive in game-store:

In apex legends store you can buy a lot of weapon skin and legends. But, you don’t have to use the real money for that. You can earn a lot of game currency and use it to buy legends and weapons skins.


In Apex Legends you required to play with the team-work because it’s so fast paced game. That a single player can’t do anything alone.


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