Stream Overlays for Gaming 2019

Stream overlays are as important as streaming in gaming. It not only attracts audience but It help you keep you audience engaged and confident. People like it when they see their name on the screen, that is necessary for you and your audience. Some streamers stand out from the rest with snazzy graphics and overlays that add an air of professionalism. Well, you don’t need to be a professional to look professional  adding images or overlays to your stream is easy.

Types of Overlays

There is vast variety of overlays that appear on the screen during gaming. All these overlays play different roles. Adding too many overlays will make your stream look filthy and irritate but if you mange to setup these overlays properly you are in the real game.

  • Alerts are those little things that pop-up on screen when someone follows, subscribes, donates, hosts, or gives bits.
  • Chat box Shows the chats of your audience.
  • Cam Overlay places all the styling around your webcam, perhaps featuring a couple of slots below to highlight your social media info, or new followers and top donator.
  • Donation Goal is usually used to collect donations. Encourage your audience to participate more in donations to complete the goal.
  • Followers/Subscribers Goal is the goal of stream to make more followers. Showing people that you need them to follow you is anther trick.
  • Profile Banners is the big graphic you see at the top of a Twitch profile. Normally contains your username, and perhaps some social media info.
  • Profile Graphics aka profile panels, aka profile headings, are the images you can add to your profile info, normally below the player on the main Channel page.

Setup Stream Overlays

Everyone want to be gamer but nobody is willing to pay the price. The road to gaming is very easy with incredible looking colorful overlay. Install these overlays an engage tons of audience. Follow these basic steps to create your eye catching overlay.

  1.  Setup Obs Studio or Stream-labs for gaming, if you already have the setup, that’s great.
  2.  Go to Stream-Labs with your browser and login with the account that is connected to your streaming platform i.e YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.
  3.  Alerts: Left side bar shows the Analytics and features of Stream-labs. Select Alert Box and copy its Url. Now open-up your streaming software and add a source of Browser. Paste the Url in that browser source and apply. This will show the alerts on the screen.
  4.  Chatbox: Add another source of browser and name it as chatbox. Go to the Stream-labs>All Widgets and select chat box. Copy its Url and paste it in chat box source of your streaming software. you can edit chat box appearance settings in Stream-labs.
  5.  All the other Widgets are same. Add these widgets to make the stream look more hot.
  6.  To change the look of alerts you can also buy these overlays here.

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