PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season Pass:

Season 10 royale pass? Season Pass allows you to rank up and claim some of the best guns skin, gear, bike and vehicles skins. In this season there is something new coming for the pubg mobile fans. This season tencent is introducing a new gun with the combination of two smgs. This is a good news for the vector and UMP lovers because they have introduced MP5K to mow down there enemies. MP5K goes with all the attachments. So, everyone can choose attachments of there own choice and mow down the enemies. Now Devs have added a new character in the PUBG Mobile which you can use as an alternative character with some great upgrades and Special Abilities. Sara is new engineer, and she reduce vehicle damage while driving or riding vehicle in only EVO modes.


Season 10 Royale Pass Update 0.15.5:

Now in this new update tencent team has done some of the fine piece of work they have smoothen the gameplay, less lag, compatible with all pc and mobiles. With this new update tencent gaming is gonna hit the most popular battle royale Pubg mobile in just few hours. They add a new patch in they are introducing new maps, weapons, vehicles.

PUBG Mobile New TDM Map:

They have added a new TDM map for the TDM fans and lovers to enjoy it. Ruins is the new map they have added with a lot of greenery and hidden spots to mow down your enemies silently which makes it more interesting then ever. This Map is little bit same to sanhok but is gonna be hard with the quick fight and fast gameplay.


This is the new smg which is introduced in new season. MP5K has fast firing rate then both of the smgs before and comes with various attachments, including tactical stock, magazines, scopes, and laser sights.

New Vehicles:

This Season Tencent is introducing a new vehicle for the Vikendi Map. Zima is full iced wheels vehicle with high speed and better handling then all the vehicles before in vikendi map. Zima is an Off-Road Vehicle with High Speed of 115 KMPH.

New Falcon System:

This update makes game more interesting because now you can land with your Falcon Companion and let the falcon fly sky high find the new gear. Now you can pick up the gears and weapons using your falcon as an advantage for yourself.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Season Change log:

  • Royale Pass: Fury of Wasteland
  • All New Rewards
  • Request are opened and Pass will be giveaway
  • Improved UI for Season Pass

Season 10 Royale Pass Rank System:

Icons Changes with number of stars

  • Copper: 1-5 stars
  • Silver: 6-10 stars
  • Gold: 11 stars or more

8 Day Rewards:

8-Day rewards for Players to add new Finishes, Trails, Classic Crate Vouchers and other rewards.

  • Added New Tier protection system for the higher ranks e.g Diamond, Crown, Conqueror.
  • Improved Arcade Modes.
  • Team Recruitment system updated.
  • Clan status details.
  • Team Recommendation for missions.
  • New In-game optimization system.
  • New Graphics System.
  • Improved Audio and Voice Chat.


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