Razer new lightest gaming mouse coming out

Razer new lightest gaming mouse coming out soon. Razer a well known brand for the gaming equipment. This time Razer is launching the most lightest gaming mouse. For the best experience of gaming. With new programmable buttons and functions built in. So stop waiting for best, and grab these new branded mouse.

So, razer is expanding the expanding it line of viper gaming mouse. Such as Viper, viper mini and now the Viper Ulitmate. Razer is launching the best mouse with higher DPI. With short length and width. These mouses are the lightest as compared to other two’s. This gaming mouse edition is lightest in the series of all mouses they have launched.

Viper Mini:

This mouse weighs about 61 grams. But it’s not only lightest but smallest mouse. With the length of .6 (L) x 2.97 (W) x 1.49 (H) inches. While Viper weighs in 69 grams with dimensions and measures of 4.99 x 2.27 x 1.49 inches. But Viper Ultimate weighs in 74 grams with the same physical dimensions.

Razer’s aim is to make the all in one functions. So, they want smallest, lightest and best function-ability mouses. That’s Why they working on new brand mouse so they can achieve the best mouse ability.

Razer new lightest gaming mouse coming out:

According to the news razer has launched the lightest and smoothest mouse. The razer viper mini it is so small that it fit’s in one’s hand. With highest DPI and little body design. It’s the perfect edition to the gaming series. Razer has done a remarkable work in history of gaming before and now. As they are working on new product. They are launching the best of the best gaming equipment on daily basis. It seems like they are not gonna stop now. Razer is also launching gaming laptop.

Razer Viper Mini Features:

  • 8500 DPI optical sensor
  • Tracking speed of up to 300 inches per second
  • RGB lighting
  • On board Memory


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