PUBG Mobile is No More Popular as it was in 2018

Pubg is going down because of the new battle royale games been introduced. Because of a lot of players are switching to other battle royale games. PUBG has low graphics, stability and lag issue’s in recent update. New updates are causing a lot of problem which are lag, stability issue, sensitivity and mobile phones heating up. Because of PUBG there is a lot violence caused in past recent year which is the big issue in some countries. So, most countries are banning the PUBG mobile to control the violence and aggressive attitude that’s been caused in past few years.

Gaming is Not a Crime:

First of all the advantages of PUBG is that it’s a time killer and very easy to play game. If you are getting bored and you are waiting for someone you time pass by playing PUBG Mobile. It helps your Mind to relax and forget any tension or depression you had in mind. If you are good player you can win a lot of prizes by winning Pro Level Tournament and make some money. But for that you have to be God Like Pro player. PUBG improves your mind in decision making. Only people who benefit from PUBG mobile are financially settled and doesn’t have anything to lose. They have alternate ways of income.

PUBG Mobile as Addiction:

If you are a student and you play pubg mobile a lot then it will distract you from your studies. One single match takes 15-30 minutes. If you play 7 to 8 matches per day you are losing a lot of time. PUBG is not giving you any benefit if you are not earning from it. I have seen a lot of streamers earning from PUBG but for that you have to be financially stable before you start streaming otherwise it will just cause you a headache.

While you are thinking of gaming as your career. It’s not guaranteed that you will be successful. In some countries gaming is a successful career but for some countries its not. So, stop wasting your time and start working on yourself.

Some of the Main Disadvantages of PUBG mobile:

  • Mobile life decreases because of stress on GPU.
  • Social Life has effects because you are busy playing.
  • Distracts you from your career achievements.
  • Sleep Deprivation leads to stress and memory loss.
  • It has bad effects on schedule to go sideways.
  • Waste of Money on Purchasing Royale Pass every season.

Extreme Violence:

PUBG has been under scrutiny for being a violent game in most of the countries. Due to this, most of the countries are banning this in there country.

Video Game Addiction:

Spending too much time on PUBG is not productive. In UK gaming is not a new thing but addiction of gaming is main cause of several divorce.

Less Social and Human Interaction:

Because of playing too much games the entire day causes you become less social. In the end people tag you as anti-social as you are not in touch with them.

Bad Physical Health:

Playing PUBG a lot and sitting in a one place the whole day cause physical issues as you are not doing any exercise. It make you lazy and Game sick person.

Bad Mental Health:

In 2018, WHO concluded video gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Video games are one of the reason main for depression in many people these days.

Losing Family:

Playing Too much PUBG is causing a lot of divorces now a day and it makes you being cut-off from family and relatives. Some people like to play PUBG during any family event which leads to the lack of communication and understanding.

If you are a gamer and you think it is your future, why not earn from it? Just go Ahead and Start now 

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