predator hunting grounds coming soon

Predator is an Action-Adventure game with a lot of modifications. This game is developed by IllFonic but published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is first person and third person shooting game. The story is based on the movie Predators. But last year the Predator Hunting Grounds dropped an exclusive status. The release date for this game is still unknown. But they are working hard to develop it as soon as possible.

The best news for the PC and PS4 players is that. They can play together as a one team. This game is cross-supported. Demo of this game is available to PS Plus member and their is no restriction of the PC players. There is no need to download Epic Game store both group of players can duke out together.

So, this game is inspired by the one movie Predator. The movie story was one of the bad-ass action. So if we review it from the gaming perspective. This game is gonna be one of the best action game. This game is best fit for the multiplayer. But it’s said to say that this game is not good for single player.

Predator Hunting Grounds Trailer is out. The way they showed the action and new sci-fiction technology. That Enormous kind of stuff to deal with. The cloaking system, thermal visions and all other tricky instrument to use. The trial demo for this game will end on 29 March. So if you want to test the game. Go and get it. Test the game and see what kind of new features they have added to this game.

Predator Hunting Grounds Features:

But the Predator had a-lot of successful Edition of  the game. That why they are releasing this new version of this game. The one of the best and bad-ass edition of the game. So, there is some of the new features they have added to this edition. This game is enormous Science Fiction game in gaming history. Grab Your Gear and Get ready to fight. But remember you are on your own risk. Coz Predator are fearless species. So stay away from their sight. And Hunt them down as soon as possible. Predator had some of the new tech this time. So stay alert every time. You get life once so play it safe.

New Tech:

  • Thermal Vision
  • Heat Vision
  • Laser Guns
  • Cloaking System
  • High Tech
  • Weapon Skins

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