Pool Gala Season 2020

Pool Gala Season 2020 is a seasonal event, In which you can win a lot of prizes and rewards by winning tournament and showing your skills. The more you win, more you will get rewards!
You can get coins by winning 8 ball, 9 ball single matches and tournaments.

   Win Pool Points and matches to rank up in pool pass to win exclusive rewards. Every Season there a premium pool pass so you can win exclusive rewards, e.g legendary boxes, normal and golden spins, free cues.

Free and Premium Pool  Gala Season 2020 

   Each Season will get you different and exciting rewards. Pass will remain active for certain amount of season time. We can Collect free pass rewards shown in (Blue). Get your Premium Pass then to be able to collect those rewards shown in (Golden Lane).   

You can buy premium season pass at anytime of the season and claim all the rewards from both lanes. Just win games to rank up and claim all the exciting rewards.  Win the games get rank up!

   Winning games like a beast will get you quick rank up so you can get all the exciting rewards from the season.


To rank up fast, just keep an eye on daily challenges and number of XP’s needed. If you forgot to claim your rewards do not worry you can claim it later it will remain there, until the end of the season. That’s the exciting part of the Pass Rewards don’t go anywhere they are just waiting for you.

   Different scores are set for different levels of Pool Pass. Find out how many pool points you have, in main menu of the 8 Ball Pool, there’s a Pool Pass button that is below your Pool Cash and Coins.

Not all  matches will give you pool points friendly matches, rematches, all in matches they don’t give you any pool points. So stay sharp and try to play random opponents.

Pool Pass Expiry

   Pool Pass has a specific expiry date so keep a lookout for the expiry date of the pool pass. Do not you miss the date otherwise you will not be able to claim exclusive rewards. It lasts only for 3 weeks almost. 


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