OBS Studio Black Screen Solution

In OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), the capture tab allows you to capture everything that is being displayed on your screen. You can capture the footage from any window on your computer, include it in your stream broadcast or record it for later use. You could use this to capture the footage from any application. OBS makes it easy to capture your window and this can all be set up with just a few clicks. However, sometimes OBS breaks, preventing your window from being captured properly or making it so that you can’t see what footage is being broadcast that is called OBS Studio Black Screen.

OBS black screen on display capture have already frequently appeared in different online forums. Poor gamer’s found out there is nothing but black screen in the recording window no matter what capture mode they select. A lot of the users choose this software to because it is free and it consume less cpu. They forget that the free app is also open-source less secure and full of bugs. Some people found out its solutions and some use their own trick to dodge the bug but no one dares to get rid of it once and for all. Today we are going to discuss all the possibilities to remove the black screen. OBS studio black screen troubleshooting worked for me therefore I want you to beat this bug together. All you have to do is follow my steps.

OBS Studio Black Screen How to Fix?

  • GPU (That runs the OBS Studio)
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Run as administrator
  • Display Capture
  • Resolution Matching
  • Capture screen without OBS

GPU (That runs OBS Studio)

There are two type of GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit), Integrated GPU (comes with CPU )and the discrete GPU (Stand alone GPU).  Two major discrete GPU producers are respectively NVIDIA and AMD. System runs low-power apps like a browser on the integrated GPU while it runs power-intensive apps like games on integrated GPU to achieve better graphics and performance.

As a result Obs runs on low power GPU while the application you try to capture runs on high power GPU. Both the applications running on different GPUs will lead you to black screen.

Solution: Set your OBS to run on high powered GPU so that it will be able to capture the application. Just go to NVIDIA Control Panel >> Manage 3D Settings. Under the “Global setting” Tab, click the drop down menu and select “High-performance NVIDIA processor” and click Apply, then press OK to apply changes. Now Close the NVIDIA Control Panel and restart OBS.

Compatibility Mode

Sometimes on Windows 10, there may be compatibility problems with the running of applications and luckily Windows 10 provides you access to change these settings manually. Run your OBS Studio in compatibility mode to get rid of OBS Studio black screen. Lets try this compatibility Mode.

  • Go to OBS studio directory folder.
  • Right click on OBSStudio.exe and select properties.
  • Select compatibility tab by click on its top.
  • Check “Run this Program in compatibility mode and Select your correct Windows version in the drop down list below it.
  • Apply the changes and restart your system.

Run as Administrator

This thing is used to run OBS Studio with full functions. It is very easy and fast to go through it quickly.

  • Open OBS and delete all the sources or captured windows that are black-windowed.
  • Add a source and do not change the default setting; Close it.
  • Go to OBS Studio directory folder located in C drive of your system.
  • In the directory folder, find the OBSStudio.exe in it.
  • Right click the icon and click the “Run as administrator“.

Display Capture

OBS Studio fails to capture things from all the captures except display capture so why not we get its advantage. Simply add a source and in captures add display capture. This will capture everything happening on the screen. If you do not want to show people your desktop and all other stuff because you are so shy than you can trim that part of video in video editor.

Resolution Matching

One of the big issue in black screen is resolution mismatching. Resolution mismatching is caused when the application you try to capture is running on a different resolution while you are trying to capture it in different resolution. Difference in resolutions will lead you to black screen.

Solution: Before capturing make sure that both applications have same resolution. Go to setting of capturing window and select the exact resolution that matches your application’s resolution.

Capture Screen Without OBS

If you are unable to fix OBS Studio black screen just remove this application from your system and try to record your screen with some other application. I would recommend you using you GPUs software to record the video because that kind of recording does not effect your GPU or system performance and can get you high quality recording. I have tried this thing and it worked for me.

OBS Studio Black Screen Solution

Capturing window footage is just one awesome feature that you get from OBS Studio, but why not take it to the next level? OBS.Live is an add-on that supercharges your streaming by adding lots of helpful features:

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