Star Wars Game Coming Soon

Star wars game coming out. The news for this game is leaked. Star wars is possibly looking to launch in 2020. The news showed that the EA sports is working on their new project. Star Wars Project Maverick is gonna be the best edition for the star wars.

Ea’s next star wars game will be ‘very unique,’ could it have co-op. This game is actually based on the story of the movie. The free game series is so attractive and nicely done. Everyone wants to play. Star wars game is also play as single player. But now you can play it as co-op and multiplayer death matches.

So, Grab your gear, ready your swords and start the fight. In February a Kotaku report said a planned game edition in development at respawn entertainment was cancelled. Because of the planned launch of the star war project maverick.

Why star wars project maverick leaked?

So, new star wars is’nt officially announced by the publisher Electronics Arts. But the bot that over-watches the whole operation. And monitors everything leaked the development of the star wars video game. Only name of the project is leaked now. But this is true that the name of this edition is Star Wars project Maverick.

And they are working on this project. So, the game is full of action this time. With some new features. Now, you can play single player and multiplayer also.

EA hasn’t officially announced or launched anything. But we are excited about what kind of development they are gonna make this time. Is it gonna be the same as before. Or they are coming up with something new. Some action, some drama, sci-fiction and much more new features. Let’s see!

Star Wars Project Maverick Features:

  • Weapon Skins
  • New Story
  • Action
  • Ultimate Gears


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