LockDown - Most Relaxing Games For Quarantine Days

As of everyone know the world is in lockdown state. Now this is the time for gaming and if you are bored. Then we got some of the most relaxing games. In quarantine you are wondering which game to play so here is some of the best games. But some of the games are puzzle games some are history games and puzzle games. So, you like history games for pc then assassin creed and prince of persia is the best games to go for now. If you like some adventure and puzzle games then short hike and wattam will be your choice. The world is in quarantine and everyone wants to relax. Everyone is usually getting bored of lockdown by now. So, now let jump to the pc games we wanna show you.

We have pick some of the most relaxing games and chill games for our library. First of all we are going to show you the history games.

List Of the Most Relaxing Games:

  • Wattam
  • Island Non-Places
  • Grow Home
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Proteus
  • Universe Sandbox
  • Sherlock Holmes : Crimes and Punishment
  • Assassin Creed
  • A Short Hike
  • Shenmue

Assassin Creed:

This game is based on the history from 1800 to 1900. When crusader’s used to rule the lands and their were some cruel kings. So, Assassin creed comes in category history games and action games. This game is probably the most love and played history game right now. As this game has a lot of edition to play. Let’s jump to the series sequence:

  • Assassin Creed I
  • Brother Hood
  • Revelation
  • Black Flag
  • Origin
  • Odyssey

So, these edition are some of the best installments of this game with a lot of action and interaction. In lockdown state this game will make you more relax and chill.

A Short Hike:

This game is low graphic’s game but it’s really relaxing and funny game to play. But, this game is based on running and flying on the mountains feeling the hype. In most of the games falling off the cliffs causes lost of progress. But in this game you can jump of the cliff do stunts and lot more. here’s no pressure to rush up the mountain, even if the summit is the ultimate goal of your hike. Wander around, help other park visitors, collect coins, and take your mind off of your phone.


This game is mix martial arts fighting game. Two player’s can play this game at a time and fight through the whole story. But these games are to chill and relax so these game’s are not so much high graphics games. The system requirement for this game’s is not so high as compared to other games but you can play it on normal laptop. This game has quiet some moments where you can explore 1980s Japan as teenager Ryo Hazuki, going to work, feeding a kitten, collecting capsule toys. This game is mostly roleplaying and based in real life.

Euro Truck Simulator 2:

You like driving heavy truck and loading cargo from companies. Then in this game you can do it. Drive heavy trucks go to docks and companies for loading cargo and deliver it to earn some cash. Honestly, this games gives more chill then any other game. But when you start playing this game you will feel the stress melting away. Like hauling trucks in real life and upgrading stuff and much more features. Go for the driving test get your license and apply for jobs etc.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild:

This game is for the person like hunting pc games and shooting guns. So, you can go for the hunting and hunt down some of the birds and deers whatever you like. Earn points and cash to buy some of the upgraded weapons. But best weapon to use in this game is crossbow. Go in stealth mode the most silent weapon and leaves no trace. But stay alert you can get attacked by other wild animals. While in lockdown you can’t go outside the house but you can do the hunting while sitting inside the house.


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