grand theft auto 6 coming soon

Grand Theft Auto 6 coming soon. As everyone know and heard the rumors for the release of gta 6. But its still hard to say when rockstar is planning on releasing it. Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto 6 has some great story-line. Because in this part of the game you are gonna play as Cartel Boss. The most notorious and fearless gangster in whole California.

The exciting part of the gta 6 is that it is based in California. Where you are the drug-dealer and all the black market business goes through you. So it makes it pretty much lovely for the person playing. The reason rockstar isn’t releasing or doing announcement is. Because they have released the Red Dead Redemption 2 this year. And they are pushing towards releasing some more DLC for the RDR2.

Although we are not saying it’s inevitable. But there is no official information or announcement made in regards. To release the gta 6. But as we see the success rate the GTA 5 got and goes on winning awards. It seems like they are gonna release it when Gta 5 will be dead. Gta is one of the most popular selling game till now. Still the peoples are buying the GTA 5 to play Online or for the Role-Play Purpose.

There’s been only one announcement untill now in regards to Gta 6. That is they are working on the game. They are developing it they are working on it. The way we see the success of the gta 5 its easy to say that. If they release the GTA 6 it will break all the records from the past games.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Features:

This time they are trying to make gta bit role-playing and less of the RDM style. As everyone in online plays it as RDM style. So, they are trying work on making it story worth. They story so far we know is based on the cartels. The leak’s informed that the storyline is based on the netflix Series Narcos. With the rising empire and building on it. Facing powerful opponents and betrayals. The Beginning of the End starts.


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