Google Stadia Gaming Platform

Google Stadia is Cloud gaming service operated by google. Stadia platform is for streaming video games upto 4K resolution and 60 FPS with high dynamic range. For the players across the world, to players via the company’s numerous data centers across the globe. It is accessible through chrome on PC , and through google store on smart phones and tablets. But Stadia service allows you to play games at same save states as the streamer you are watching.

Google Stadia Features:

Google Stadia does not require any additional devices to stream. You just need a PC, smartphone or tablet with good internet connection which supports google chrome. According to google’s Phil Harrison the name stadia is plural of ‘Stadium’ which means a lot of people can sit back and watch entertaining streams. As Google had built out a large number of data centers across the globe. But company believes Stadia is better option for cloud gaming service compared to the past endeavors like OnLive, PlayStation Now, and Gaikai.

Google Stadia Development:

Project Stream main objective is the new video gaming product. But there are some rumors of google working on project named YETI. Google is hiring video gaming industries executive Phil Harrison and recruiting developer. Google Announced service in October 2018  and soon after opened invitation for beta testers.

Now player can apply for access and those who match limit can run games in Chrome. Those who participated received a free copy of the game when the beta expired. Stadia was formally introduced during  google keynote’s address at 2019. To support stadia google is working on making a gaming and streamers community.


Stadia requires users to purchase games to use over the services, but it offers a library of some top games which you like to purchase. For some people who purchased founder pack first two weeks of Destiny 2 are free to play. At the time of the platform’s full reveal in June 2019, but Google announced that Gylt by Tequila Works and get packed by moonshine studios will be exclusive to stadia. Stadia launched with 22 games and also looking forward to add 4 more games at the end of 2019.

List of some games on Stadia

Internet Speed Required For Stadia:



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