Pakistan Esports Team Falaq Clan

Falaq Clan created and started by Ducky Bhai. Famous you-tuber ducky bhai started this clan and is looking to expand it. This team consists of Fortnite and PUBG player. They are looking forward to expand this clan towards more games in future. This clan has there own you-tube channel and they upload there gaming videos there.

How Falaq Clan Came in Existence:

As everyone knows Pakistan is not very successful in gaming. So through tournament ducky bhai picked some great players. That how then Falaq Clan started. Clan is going very successful in past tournaments. They won tournaments against India with some great lead. According to Ducky, the purpose of this community is to promote gaming and present Pakistan on the international level in future. They started off with some local and on ground tournaments. And they went on claiming that there team is “the best esports team of Pakistan”.

Fortnite Line Up:

  • Alvi
  • Psycho
  • Mentro
  • Frebik
  • Awge
  • Originz
  • Kovolski
  • Weird

PUBG Line Up:

  • DrRespecT
  • Shehbaz Mengal
  • Affan Butt
  • TrGxOreo

Most of the people were asking lately how to join Falaq Clan. The answer is “No”. These player were selected on the performance base. Only the competitive players who had the potential to win tournaments are selected in Falaq Clan. If you wanna join then work hard and improve your gaming skills. But, you have to show the world your talents and then you can be the part of this Clan.


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