Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is one of the biggest gaming platforms where you can stream and watch the most fantastic gaming streams. At first everyone was streaming on Twitch and Youtube but now facebook is one of the trending gaming platforms. Facebook doesn’t have any hard condition to pass. Once you complete a few objectives you can start making money within few weeks. Facebook platforms helped a lot of streamers who were struggling on twitch and youtube. The idea of facebook platforms was introduced because facebook was falling and gaming industry was taking over every platform. Soon it became one of the biggest gaming platforms hence their dream came true. One more thing that was introduced is that you can become a facebook partner by collaborating with gaming streamers. Branded gaming products can be advertised on gaming streams and hit the real audience.

Facebook Gaming Steps To Start:

  • Sign Up
  • Setup
  • Go Live on facebook

After you setup your facebook page, It will show you a list of some objectives. But don’t worry about them. So, these objective can be completed in few days of hard work. So, some of these objectives are like:

  • Stream 4 hours for 14 days
  • Get 100 like on Page
  • Get 100 followers
  • Number of viewers etc.

As you can see facebook platforms are so easy to understand and engage with a lot of audience. Facebook content is very easy to start with, the level up is one of the most used facebook content creation place. Facebook content creators are increasing day by day because facebook has provided them a great opportunity to level up their gaming experience.

Gaming is on peak right now, everyone is migrating towards facebook for gaming streams. Content Creation has become hobby for almost every gamer these days. So, now it’s hard to say that content creators are gonna giveup. With increasing gaming and content creators this platforms is rising day by day and everyone is utilizing it.


  • Customized Support on Facebook
  • High Quality Gaming Streams (1080p,60 Fps)
  • Unlock Stars for Support
  • Limited Access to Beta Products & Features
  • Invite members to your community
  • Check Eligibility on fb.gg

Facebook Partner:

Facebook Marketing Partners are third-parties that have a special and more official relationship with Facebook. These can be social media management apps, chatbot platforms, automation tools, and small business solutions; so basically, anyone that makes third-party solutions for Facebook marketers.

Facebook has introduced a new campaign for gaming streamers to earn from their gaming streams by running branded ads on their pages. One can become facebook partner by marketing products with collaboration of gaming facebook streamers. Only challenging phase is to find a suitable streamer for the products. Facebook marketing partner has only few requirements:

  • Branded Products
  • Authorized Sellers



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