Faceit anti-cheat is a client and its server based system. Faceit Anti-Cheat is used to detect players using hacks, cheats and third party softwares which helps them in Aim assist. You can do chat with your friends on faceit while play csgo, dota 2 etc. Faceit is actually a production company and an independent platforms which round up players from all over the world. It was founded in London in 2012.

Faceit is free to use client but if buy premium you can play in ladder, leagues, tournaments and rank up. Faceit is good client but it is only good for casual player or if you have 4 friends to play with.

People Using Face-It Anti Cheat :

According to the Faceit company records in past about 6 million to 12 million people has login. Because of people using hacks in csgo most of the player got dishearted. So with the launch of faceit anti cheat now people can play against real talent and enjoy there game and skill up. This is a matchmaking system in beta version created instead of an old altPUG. Its 100% free and difficulty level is close to a in-game matchmaking system. CEVO contains 128 tick server instead of 64 tick servers in ingame matchmaking servers.

Faceit Points:

In Face-It Anti Cheat there is a point system which you can earn by playing leagues and tournaments. More you win more point you will have and with winning more points you will rank up. If you play against a player high in league and win you will get more point. But remember if you lose against low rank player you will lose more points. And if you lose against higher league player you will lose less points.

If you are eager to play higher leagues and tournament. But don’t have point you can buy it from faceit shop.

Faceit has its own premium subscription which you can buy on per month basis. Faceit has two packages for you guys.

  • ESEA Premium is $6.95 per month
  • ESEA Insider is $14.95

Can you play Faceit with Vac Ban?

The answer to this question is No. You cannot play faceit with a banned account because it will not let you connect with the csgo servers. You are allowed to play as long as you register the game with a Steam account that does not have a VAC ban in this game.

Donate Points to your Friends:

You can now purchase FACEIT points and offer them as prizes in your Hub leaderboards and tournaments. Go to your ‘Organizer Settings’ page and select the ‘FACEIT points’ menu to see your balance and buy points.

To Download Face-It Click Here

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