Esports Best Player Awards 2019

The gaming awards is an annual award ceremony to give-away awards to the gaming industries and players. The 2019 Esports Awards took place on November 16th. At Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas. Most of the best players in the world were present but the two time EVO tournament winner ‘Arslan Ash’ was not there. The person who presented Pakistan in the world gaming. But Arslan Ash was not even a part of the nominees for the Esports Best Player Awards 2019.

Arslan Ash Omitted From The Esports Game Awards:

Arslan Ash the first Pakistani gamer who won the two EVO tournaments in a row wasn’t even part of nominees. This seem bit unfair for the person who has struggled that much. A Person who took FGC by storm not on one by on two occasions. His journey wasn’t so easy, he faced a lot of issues while travelling to  EVO japan 2019. But it’s very sad to say that Esports didn’t even included his name in nominee’s for the best player of the year.

Esports Best Player Awards 2019:

Esports seems to be just aimed at only commercial work rather than on the celebration of video game achievements. When they didn’t nominated Arslan Ash for the any single awards for the gaming. Everyone in gaming world is in shock and raising this question that why his name wasn’t nominated for the Esports Best Player Awards 2019.

Richard Lewis, the winner of the  Esports Journalist Award 2019 and a part of the nominations committee reportedly hates FGC for not nominating the Arslan Ash name. But after all this is just speculation and not definite proof. But it was really disappointing not to see the Arslan ash as a nominee for this awards.

Bugha, SonicFox, Ninja, Dr DisRespect, Shroud were the nominee’s for the Esports Game Awards.

As one redditor has put it, “Esports Awards always seem to miss these crucial individuals”.

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