PUBG Mobile is No More Popular as it was in 2018

Esp Wall Pubg Mobile Emulator 2019 is a tool for emulator players. It comes with simple injection in the main menu. After the injection player will be able to see a menu by pressing insert key. In menu player can edit settings and use Esp Wall, Aimlock, Enemies count, Distance, player name, player country etc. In Pubg Mobile Emulator there are a lot of hackers these days and its difficult to play against them therefore this Esp will help you a lot to defend yourself.

Esp Wall Esp Features

Esp Wall has a lot of features which appears in its menu but It depends on a player which features to turn on or turn off during game play. Some of the main features are listed which are very helpful while playing Pubg Mobile.

  • Wall
  • Aim Lock
  • Distance
  • Enemies Count
  • Enemies Names
  • Loot Items
  • Enemies Direction Lines
  • Drops Locations

How to use the Esp

This esp is very simple to inject and use therefore follow the given steps so the game will not crash. If you dont understand the following steps just  Visit Here  for the full tutorial.

  1. Turn on the Emulator and then turn on the game.
  2. When the game is on and it shows the lobby just press f11 for small screen. Tip: If you leave it full screen and inject, it wont work.
  3. Now click here or click the download button below to download the rar file.
  4. Extract the rar and run zombie_Win64.
  5. After allowing the app to open a pop-up will appear in Vietnam language and ask for option such as Yes or No but you should Click No.
  6. Your default browser will open up a page for you.
  7. Click Activate now when the page is fully loaded.
  8. Now you will be directed to Ad-fly Page all you have to do is skip the page otherwise you cant get the link.
  9. Fill the capcha at this page and click on the button which says click here to continue.
  10. After pressing the button new page will appear where you have to wait 10 seconds for your link.
  11. Click on the Get Link button and wait. Your are good to go.

Note: If you do not understand the above steps watch this tutorial. WATCH TUTORIAL

Esp Wall Pubg Mobile Emulator 2019

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