Dying light Game still Worth It? Why?

Dying Light is an open-world action horror game. Launched by Tech-land and published by Warner Bro’s. Dying light was launched back in 2015. But this is one of the finest game that is still worth playing. And why? We are gonna let you know why this game isĀ  worth it.

Dying light is zombie survival game. And a-lot of people love zombie games. But this game has some best feature that no other game had. This game with the time started growing. Dying light has the same amount of user as it was in past. This game never gets old. The reason for this game not getting old is that. With every update this game is getting more smoother, more better and stable. Tech-Land and Warner Bro’s is still working on it to make it better. This game never dies.

I know you guys have seen lots of other games. But this Zombie-Survival game had its own spark. Which no-one can beat. The number if updates and feature they are adding every-time. It seems impossible for any other game to beat this great edition. The Story-Line is so awesome that once you started it. So it becomes addiction this game still is that attractive as it was in start. Therefore, with the number of new features and old combined. This game is Lit. So now we will get to the features.

Dying Light Feature:

  • Free Running
  • Melee Weapons
  • Weapons Crafting
  • Fire Arms
  • Throwable weapons
  • Parkour
  • Traps
  • Obstacles
  • Day And Night
  • Light and Shadow


So, these features are the main branch which is making this game better everyday. And the hard-work they are putting in the game to make it grow is enormous. So as we can see the parkour, weapons crafting, Traps and much more. These thing are the way to make survival interesting. But in the start this game wasn’t that popular. But this game started to grow now and its becoming popular now. The fast paced action and fear of getting caught by powerful zombies it’s making it really interesting. Dying Light 5th anniversary Update made it more then popular. So there is good news.

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