Why is Astralis So Dominant CS:GO

Pure power and dominance – that sounds like a perfect description for what astralis did in 2018. They won seven premiers and three majors, as well as intel grand slam worth of  1 million dollars prize. They lost the last nuke match but then got on to the consecutive 32 win streak on the same map.

Astralis Dominance 2018:

‘Astralis done it again’ they won the title but its usual title. They have claimed the title to there name one more time. They have been winning for the past year consecutively. Astralis winning is so much mentioned in the past year that its hard for anyone to miss this kind of news. They have earned $400,000 in a single year.

In addition the second team in Denmark was nominated for the BT-Gold Award as a result of that dominance. The BT-Gold Award is given for the best sports accomplishment in Denmark. Hence, we can see that eSports is considered to be a real thing in Scandinavian countries, but we will talk about it later. Let’s look back at Astralis’ achievements one more time.

Unconvincing move of the year:

The beginning of the year wasn’t so good for Astralis. Because they didn’t fair well in the tournaments at the start. They lost match against Faze, Fnatic and Cloud9. Most of the people were just expecting them to at least enter the playoffs. But they didn’t fair well and got knocked out of their first tournament. Their win against North wasn’t so good for the continuation of the tournament.

Then, Astralis had to leave quite disappointed failing to move on. But on the 7th of the February Astralis made the best move which changed the history of the Astralis. MagisK replaced Kjaerbye. Almost everyone at that time said it’s the badest move done by astralis. After some time most of the people refers to this move for the dominance of the team. But its very easy to talk then do something which is worth a risk.

DreamHack Masters and final at IEM XIII:

After couple of blunders and loses, finally they started to reveal that they are worthy team in the world. They play in DH Masters in Marseille after successfully qualifying for IEM XIII. The competition was fierce in France, but astralis crushed the way up. After finishing as a top team they didn’t lost a single map in the playoffs. They beat some of the top teams such as FaZe, Fnatic and Natus Vincere and claimed their first title in 2018. This is just a hint of Astralis’ dominance in continuation of the year.

After the impressive performance in the ESL Pro League qualifier. They went to the other side of the Sydney. They advanced to the finals very easily but unfortunately they lost against Faze in very intense match. If we look at the scoreboard it was really close match. Astralis Lost (3-0) but the legs score was so close (19-17, 22-20, 16-14). This was the second lost against Faze in a main event.


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