destiny 2 class overview

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer action adventure game. This is first-person shooting free-to-play game developed Bungie. This game was first released on September 6, 2017 only for Xbox and PS4. It is the second edition in the series of Destiny 2 Class Overview. But the game story-line is science fiction world and the game features multiplayer shared world environment.

Destiny 2 Class Overview is similar to predecessor, this game is first person shooting role-playing and massively multiplayer game. But now you can play multiplayer in battle royale mode and (PVP). Now you can play as a team of Five match-making and communicate with other players all over the world.

Destiny 2 Class Overview:

Player Vs Environment (PVE):

This mode is just like the other games with a story-line to play. You can explore the dead land and free roam from one planet to the other planet. From jupiter to mars and titan with a lot of science fiction planets and space you got to explore. But the publishers added new city and planets to explore for now some them are Reef: the Tangled Shore, the Dreaming City,  and the most mysterious homeland of awaken race and an end game area. There is new expansion introduced by the activison Shadow which makes moon playable area and explore.


Player Vs Player (PVP):

This mode is online multiplayer just like battle-royale where lots of players for world plays. This mode is last man standing wins the match and rank-up. Now you can play 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 6 vs 6. If you launch the quick-play it will normally be 6 vs 6 match but to play as smaller team for more competitive action you have to select the option from the match-making settings. In multiplayer you have to select between character you want to be for whole season which you want to be. Destiny 2 has three character Warlock, Hunter and Titan. All the characters have special abilities and weaknesses which you can upgrade in-game. But in-game you can find new armor, weapons, and defenses which balances the competition with other players.

Forsaken DLC:

Destiny 2 is free to play but if you want to enjoy all other features of destiny 2. You have to buy some of the DLC which come’s with great feature. This DLC price is $8.49 USD. Forsaken include some of these features:

  • New story centered around The Reef and a team of dangerous Fallen Barons you must hunt down.
  • A new destination, The Tangled Shore.
  • Gambit, a new mode that fuses PvE and PvP.
  • A new Raid set in end-game space The Dreaming City.
  • Nine new Supers, one for each sub-class.

Destiny 2 Class Overview Shadow-Keep DLC:

This DLC is also paid you have to buy it, But if you buy this DLC you don’t have to buy any other dlc because it contains all the features of the game you can play the whole story-mode with this DLC and it contains all other other thing that are locked. This dlc contains all the new weapons, armors and all new feature thing which is introduced by the bungie later on. It contains the new skins for the weapons, armors and agents skin.


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