cyberpunk 2077 is officially delayed! breaking news

Today we are gonna talk about the new upcoming game CyberPunk 2077. Developed by CD Projekt’s. CyberPunk is a next level RPG game with a lot of new feature. What we are gonna talk about today is. That the Cyberpunk release date extended. Why they are delaying the release.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the next big RPG from CD Projekt RED after concluding the Witcher series. But Silver swords are out, but cybernetic blades are very much in. For a couple months, information about Cyberpunk 2077 was dropping almost every week. We met Keanu Reeves’ character, got details about the story, and have seen several new videos both trailers and gameplay.

With release day pushed back to September from its initial April date, there’s still plenty of time for CD Projekt RED to drip feed new information. Until then, we’ve absorbed all of the precious Cyberpunk 2077 deets and consolidated them into a digestible briefing. When the information train starts back up again, you’ll be able to find out what’s new right here.

Cyberpunk 2077 is officially delayed! breaking news:

So, CD Projekt pushed the release date from 16 april to 17 September. Which is very shocking for the fans those are waiting for this game. They have given the vast reasons for the delay. Because this game is really high graphics. and it need a lot of testing through everything to check for the bugs.

September 17, 2020 is the release date for Cyberpunk 2077. The RPG was initially set for an April 16 launch, but CD Projekt RED announced in January that it needs “more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing”. When it launches in September it’ll come to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Amazing news is that Pre-Ordering for the CyberPunk 2077 is started. Whatever the platforms you play on. You can order it right now. They have announced all feature that are in the game. So, while you wait for the game. Check the features, watch trailers. And enjoy the upcoming feature for the game.

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