CS:GO Operation Shattered Web

CS:GO has launched a new operation called shattered web. In which CS:GO brings new skins, collections and more as well as the Krieg price revert. Operation Shattered Web is CS:GO’s latest operation, coming over two years since the conclusion of Operation Hydra. This pass cost you only £12.49 in-game you can unlock the operation in entirely, gives XP’s boost and allows players to unlock rewards.

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web Coin:

When you buy the cs:go operation shattered web pass it gives you operation coin. This coin has four tier’s starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Then Complete missions and upgrade your arachnid-inspired Shattered Web Coin from Bronze to Diamond, changing its appearance as you earn stars.

These upgrades will come in effect when you start achieving your daily objectives and start earning stars. When you Complete 33 missions you get silver Coin, then on 66 missions you get gold and on completing all 100 mission you get Diamond Coin.

Operation Shattered Web Missions:

Every week each player get different score or objective card featured six non-overlapping missions that can be completed in order. These missions will span across Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, Guardian, and other modes. With completing the mission you start earning stars and rank up. At every rank up you get a skin drop, collections and a lot of different rewards.

Operation stars can be earned by completing the weekly objectives and also you can buy them on CS:GO store.

Agents Skins:

Now in this pass there is something new which is agent skins. With Completing mission and earning XP’s you also get new agent skins. All-new CT Operators and T Agents with unique styles and backstories are available as mission progress rewards. By completing missions, you earn Stars to unlock them in a battle pass style system.

Master agents have new skins, unique cheers and voice. Master agents skins can be equipped at any time in-game. You will earn one master agent on 100 stars. If you prefer the traditional characters, you can simply equip the default Local Agent or Operator to use the pre-existing map-based figures we’re used to.

Guardian Mode:

Pair up with your friends and defend the site from terrorists in challenging new cooperative campaigns that mirror previous operations.


While other celebrates the top fragger’s on the scoreboard new accolades celebrates whole team across the world. From assists to flashes to ADR, those ‘support’ players will see their contributions recognized for all to see.

Weapons Skin And Collection:

Norse, St Marc and shattered web weapons collection in now added to the CS:GO Stores to Buy. Now shattered web has introduced four new knives which are available in case called nomad. Paracord, Skeleton and Survival Knives.

Sticker And New graffiti:

In CS:GO shattered web there is a new collection of stickers and graffiti. All new shattered web sticker and graffiti’s developed by community named daniDEM are available only as a rewards in shattered web.

Every aesthetic can be altered thanks to this Operation and the sprays are no different. New graffiti’s will be available during Shattered Web.


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