Coronavirus Cause

Coronavirus a very deadly virus spreading very quickly over past few days with increase in coronavirus death rate. Coronavirus cause biggest world gaming tournament cancelled over fears surrounding the spread of coronavirus. With increase in outbreak day by day doctors are working on the coronavirus cure. On daily basis coronavirus update news are coming in from every country. In most of the countries the educational institutes are closed because this deadly virus. But some of the gaming tournament are still active in closed doors with no audience in the stadium.

The world biggest E3 tournament which was taking place at 9-11 july is cancelled. But all we can do is pray to stay safe from this deadly virus which is causing daily virus outbreaks. Organisers said it had been cancelled “after careful consultation” over “the health and safety of everyone in our industry”. But now the effect of this virus are too high that most of the health institutes are 24/7 working to find coronavirus cure. Piers Harding-Roll said “This might lead to some permanent change to events like E3”.

This year is full of surprises and sorrows because this virus is causing every countries top gaming competition to be cancelled. Each and every day coronavirus death rate is rising but their is no sign of corona virus cure. In addition to coronavirus update news showed the outbreak in portugal and china is at its peak. But still they are taking precautionary attempts to stop it from spreading.

Coronavirus update news showed that coronavirus death rate is increasing to 3% which is really high. As of now this is no coronavirus cure according to the World health Organization.  Coronavirus cause death is going on peak which is really sad to see that some of the countries are not taking precautions.

Coronavirus Cause and Symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breathing
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Infection


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