Call of Duty Battle Royale - The Warzone

Call of Duty Battle Royale – The Warzone a new update to this edition packed of some great action. Now their is more at stake then ever warzone packed with 150 players last man standing. Call of Duty is developed by Infinity WardRaven Software and published by Activision. But with this new update of call of duty most the players are enjoying it while some are unhappy with warzone update. This is now harder then ever to clear the frontline and win with a lot at stake. In all of the battle royale game this is first game which introduced the 150 players battle royale. But with this update Call of Duty got 6.5 million new players in first 24 hours. That’s a record breaking achievement by any game.

Call of Duty Battle Royale Features:

  • Massive Map
  • 150 – 200 Player Per Map
  • New Skins
  • Classic Weapons
  • Brand new loot
  • Battle Royale And Plunder Mode

So, now the Call of Duty battle royale update contains these great features. Which includes massive map because with the high players count they have extended the map so more players can adjust. News are showing that they are looking to up the player count number to 200 players for some intense action. As COD was already packed with some of the great action in the past and now with the new updates coming day by day. The cod is famous because of the 4 V 4 matches and 5 v 5 matches.

Most of the CS:GO players are also now migrating to the call of duty because of the great update they releasing day by day. This warzone update caused a huge change in the users of the call of duty which make’s it really popular. Now everyone is looking to purchase this game because of it’s unique update and with new battle royale mode which makes it amazing.

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